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Choosing Graduate School in 2020? Introducing KSU's Guide to Graduate Programs

By Lana Whitehead on January 16, 2020 in Graduate School Resources

From STEM education to business, healthcare to the creative arts, education to the social sciences, Kent State University offers so many graduate programs that are designed to prepare today's graduate students to impact tomorrow's world.

9 New Year's Resolutions to Kickstart Your Graduate School Journey

By Lana Whitehead on January 9, 2020 in Graduate School Resources, Graduate School Information & Events

A new year can bring a lot of expectations, especially when it comes to your professional and educational success. To tackle these expectations, you might be considering pursuing a graduate degree this year. Before you dive headfirst into a graduate program, it is important to recognize that

5 M.Ed. Options for Future Leaders in the Field of Education

By Lana Whitehead on December 19, 2019 in Graduate School Resources

America’s education system is vulnerable.

Between budget cuts, decreasing standardized test performance in school districts, English language learners, and a national shortage of teachers, it’s apparent that our nation needs equipped and dedicated teachers, and our nation needs them now.


What’s the Real Difference Between an M.A., M.A.T. and M.Ed.?

By Lana Whitehead on December 12, 2019 in Graduate School Resources, Education

If asked to name a career in the education field, people often instinctively think of a traditional classroom teacher. 

Without a doubt, classroom teachers are the lifeblood of education – they are on the frontlines of educating future generations. Educational career options, however, are not...